Strong Spider is Strong V2.0

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The Original

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Spiders had too many offspring before it was cool.

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Spiders in Fashion V1.0

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Spider Slippers!

Spider Web Lashes, done well:

And a big ol’ spider on your head for your neck.  Certainly can’t go wrong with that.

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Gay Spider Pride

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Happy gay pride weekend in Los Angeles!

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Spider Fetish

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spider fetish

Freak on a Leash…or Spider Man?  Either way, I approve.

Oh and happy 6/6!

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Star Wars Spider Problems

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Darth Vader: Evidently not a fan of spiders.


Taken from Retro Star Wars, courtesy of [Jen]

Thanks Carrie for the LolSpider submit!

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Doesn’t Matter

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Here is a male Amaurobius ferox that has recently mated. (A user from submitted the original for identification.)

According to Mandy, an arachnologist on

“I noticed your spider is missing a pedipalp, so he might have actually already been successful in finding a mate! Sometimes they get broken off in the process. The pedipalps are those “boxing glove-looking” appendages on either side of his face. In male spiders, the enlarged tips are used for transferring sperm into the female. Sometimes one gets stuck and they break it off so they can escape and, other times, they break it off on purpose to create a mating plug that will block other males from mating with her! Pretty interesting stuff…”

Thanks Jackie for the LolSpider submission!

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Sweet Dreams 2012

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F::cking Spiders

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Happy October!!



Like a Madam

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‘Staches are for Sirs, and hats are for Madams.  This is official because it’s on the internet.

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